Creating Solutions to Address the $9 Billion North American Credit Card

Fraud Problem

Credit card fraud is a huge headache for anyone who has been a victim of it and has to deal with its aftereffects -- from having the card account frozen, waiting for a new card, reviewing transactions and so on. With the current macroenvironment forcing many more people to do their grocery shopping and everyday activities online, fraudulent activities are also on the rise.

Now, more than ever, consumers need something that they control to not only prove who they are, but to also manage their online identity and things like their passwords, profiles and online accounts, among others. KABN delivers world-class solutions that enable users to verify, manage and monetize their digital identity to provide an easy-to-use solution to this growing and challenging problem.  

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Digital identity is relevant to 100% of the online market and vital to its continued growth

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Our management team, advisors and board are seasoned executives from

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Our solutions are built to empower users, generate revenue and create stakeholder value

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