Award Winning Technology

American Aires Inc. is an award-winning nanotechnology company, that's developed technology capable of reducing the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). The technology specifically targets cellphone, Wi-Fi and general radiation emitted by electronic devices.

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The Problem

Research studies conducted that exposure to a mobile phone significantly changes the structure of electroencephalographic (“EEG”) and the change in the cerebrum’s bioelectric activity in the presence of a mobile phone is so pronounced it could be called a localized electromagnetic storm.

Protecting Your Health from the Unseen

American Aires' technology is designed to reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted by data transmitting electronic devices such as cell phones, Bluetooth earpieces, computers, smart TVs, Wi-Fi Routers, etc.

Award Winning

6 International Awards for Technological Innovation

Market Size

The Market Size is Estimated at $17B for 2020

Global Sales

Aires' products are sold to customers in over 35 countries

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